Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your products that aren’t carried in my favorite grocery store?
You can use our product locator to see if/where it can be found near your zip code: If you can't find it locally, we would encourage you to speak with the store manager at your favorite store to see what they can do to get it on store shelves. Another option is to purchase directly from our website:

Why aren’t all of your products in stores?
It is up to each individual chain to determine which varieties they want to stock. Stores do listen to customer requests, especially when they come in large volumes, so we encourage customers to talk to their local store manager and request more varieties on the shelf.

Can I purchase your products online? Do you ship outside the U.S.?
Yes! You can shop our website to purchase your favorite Louisiana Hot Sauce products directly: We are only able to ship orders within the continental United States at this time.

What forms of payment do you accept online?
Our online shop accepts credit card payments – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You also have the option to place your order using Google Pay or Apple Pay!

How do I resolve an issue with my online order?
Please reply to the order or shipping confirmation email you received from us or send an email describing your issue to with your order number in the subject line, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. For security purposes, please do not include your address, method of payment used or any other personally identifiable information in your email.

What is the shipping cost? Do you have free shipping?
Shipping cost depends on the products you add to your cart and where they are being shipped. If you add products to your cart on our website, you'll be able to see the shipping cost. We offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

What is your shipping policy?
The terms and conditions that constitute our Shipping Policy can be found here:

What is your refund/return policy?
We do not accept returned food items. The only items eligible for returns or exchanges are Louisiana Hot Sauce apparel, merchandise or accessories. You can find our full Return Policy here:

How can I place a bulk/wholesale order for personal use?
We are not able to sell bulk or food service sizes and products to the public at this time. If you have a B2B food service or industrial need for our product, please reach out to

Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?
We are unable to provide discounts on bulk orders and recommend ordering the amount you’re looking for directly from our website. If you have a B2B food service or industrial need for our product, please reach out to

How can I get in touch with you about retail sales?
If you’re interested in talking to us about a retail sales opportunity, please head to our Get In Touch page,, select the appropriate menu option for Retail Sales, and send us your request. A member of our sales team will be in touch soon.

How can I get in touch with you about food service/industrial sales?
If you have a B2B (food service or industrial) sales inquiry, please reach out to and a member of our sales team will be in touch soon. You can also visit our food service website,, for more information on our custom professional solutions.

Can you send me a coupon or sample?
Unfortunately, we don’t have any coupons or samples we can mail out at this time. We’d love to hear about how much you love our product, so feel free to send us a message here,, and keep an eye on our social media pages for any promotions or discounts we may run!

How is Louisiana Hot Sauce made?
Our hot sauce continues to be made in New Iberia, Louisiana, the original Louisiana way, where aged peppers are combined with vinegar and salt, and then left to ferment during the aging process – a process that remains unchanged for over 90 years!

How does Louisiana Hot Sauce rank in Scoville Heat Units (SHU)?
Here’s the order of our hot sauces from least to hottest: Jalapeno – 600-1,200 SHU Red Chili – 1,000-1,800 SHU Chipotle – 1,000-2,000 SHU Roasted Garlic – 1,000-2,000 SHU Roasted Pepper – 1,000-2,000 SHU Original Louisiana Hot Sauce – 1,000-2,000 SHU Original Wing Sauce – 1,000-2,000 SHU Hotter Than Hot – 2,000-2,500 SHU Habanero – 3,000-4,000 SHU

Does it need to be refrigerated?
It is not necessary to refrigerate Louisiana Hot Sauce. It is simply just a personal preference.

What’s the shelf life?
Our hot sauce has a five-year shelf life from when it is made, and our wing sauce has a two-year shelf life from when it is made. That said, we have a pretty strong feeling that you’ll finish it way before the “Best By” date stamped on the bottle.

How is the Best By date formatted?
For our U.S. products, the expiration date is formatted as Month/Year. For our Canada labeled products, the expiration date is formatted as Year/Month/Day.

Can I use your product past the Best By date?
We advise discarding any product that has passed its Best By date. We cannot guarantee the taste or performance of the product once the date has passed.

Did you make a change to the size of the bottle opening?
We recently made a change to the size of the hole in the dripper fitment.

Do you have Louisiana Hot Sauce merchandise?
Yes, we have a selection of merchandise and accessories available for our fans to purchase. You can find them in our online store:

Does Louisiana Hot Sauce contain any major allergens?
Per USDA/FDA guidelines, it is required that we list all major allergens on the label. You can find all ingredient and nutrition information listed for each product on our website.

Is Louisiana Hot Sauce suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
Please check the ingredient statement on our products to see if the ingredients match your dietary preferences. Our products without sugar are vegan suitable, but none of our Louisiana Hot Sauce formulas are certified vegan. Some sugar companies use a method to filter the sugar referred to as “bone char,” which is not acceptable to those who prefer a vegan diet.

Is it organic/all natural?
Our Louisiana Hot Sauce products are not organic. We do not use “all natural” claims on our products.

Is your product non-GMO?
Our Louisiana Hot Sauce products are not considered organic or GMO free.

Is Louisiana Hot Sauce gluten free?
No, our products are not considered gluten free.

Is Louisiana Hot Sauce halal certified?
Yes, the distilled vinegar used in Louisiana Hot Sauce is acceptable for use in halal-certified products.

What is the source of the distilled vinegar?
The distilled vinegar is sourced from alcohol (corn).